Artist Statement


My intention is to pull the viewer out of our logical world and place them in a mystical atmosphere.  These pieces allow the viewer to forget that they are looking at a photograph and instead see an alternate reality, one that mixes painterly qualities with surrealism and fantasy.  The subject and concept pull us deep into a world that allows us to escape our own reality in exchange for fantasy.  I take a simple concept and mold it into something complex and captivating.  My photographs are meant to be read and analyzed.  I want the viewer to feel something... anything.  

Our world is not so different than the worlds I create within my frames.  I would say that my images are a representation of life because they illustrate feelings and emotions that resonate with the viewers, yet they may not recognize it in themselves or want to admit it outside of their own minds.  Life does not have to be photographed according to reality; instead, my goal is to explore the depths of the mind and soul and reach for something deeper.  My edited photographs are often unrecognizable from the original image as seen through the lens.  I add texture to give the photographs a timeless feeling, then layer images together to design my own fantasy world.  The subject of my work can be described as emotional portraiture - capturing the emotion of a single moment. 

Copyright Nichole Renee 2018; All rights reserved.
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